Weddingmoon: A Great Budget Alternative to Traditional Weddings

For couples who don’t want to deal with the pomp and circumstance of traditional weddings, a ‘Weddingmoon’ may be a great alternative. A perfect combination of eloping, destination wedding, and a romantic honeymoon escape, it is usually a very rewarding experience for those who wish to have an intimate celebration without overwhelming themselves with details. Here are some reasons to say “I Do” the non-traditional way.

Unique and memorable experience

Tying the knot at a far off location allows the couple to display their creativity and reflect their taste and style. You can choose to get married at an exotic tropical paradise or snowy mountain peak, the choice is yours! Did we say a unique wedding location will have your guests talking for years to come?

The honeymoon starts early

Your honeymoon begins as soon as you say “I Do”. When your guests leave the venue, you can settle in for a romantic honeymoon escape. And as you are already there, you can count the expenses (at least travel and transportation) already paid for. Now it’ all about taking views and relaxing!

It’s cost effective

While a destination wedding may sound like an expensive affair at the outset, in most cases it is much affordable than the traditional weddings. As fewer guests tend to show up, there are few people to feed and buy favors for. Also, most locations offer discounted tariffs for all-inclusive wedding packages. And depending upon the destination, you can contact the airlines for group booking which is significantly cheaper than individual bookings. So, do we have you in yet?

It’s one-in-a-lifetime reunion opportunity

Imagine having your loved ones at one magical place for the purpose of celebrating your love. Coming from all parts of the world, your wedding will not only be an occasion, but a vacation for many and a reunion for everyone. After all, how often do you get an opportunity to spend no-rush quality time with far-flung family and friends? This is your chance.

It’s virtually stress-free

This is perhaps the most important reason why weddingmoons rule. Since most locations have full time wedding planners on staff who are reliable and familiar with local marriage laws and customs, it means less stress and limited responsibility for you. And yes, the packages also include all your ceremony essentials such as cake, photographers, decorations and more. So, you step off the plane, sign the papers and spend your time relaxing and enjoying spa treatments while the experts handle all the minute details for you.

Weddingmoon is not for everyone; however it’s an inspiring alternative to traditional weddings. It allows the bride and groom to celebrate with their loved ones in an intimate, picturesque location, while keeping the budget in check and having a memorable experience!