The Ever Changing Four Seasons of Marriage

For a bond as old as time, there has been a zillion of metaphorical examples where couples in love have tried to explain their relationship. Be it bittersweet or with a tinge of jealousy behind it; there are examples everywhere.

While it may come as a surprise, there are four seasons of marriage. The symbol can be taken from the four seasons of weather that we witness throughout the year.

With the dry and cold winter to the warmth of the summer, giving way to lovely and soul soothing spring to the moody and depressing autumn, marriage is metaphorically explained in these four seasons as well.

The four seasons of marriage

Four seasons of marriage can be best understood as the tumultuous ups and downs that couples face while being in a relationship.

The kicker of this topic would be to take this idea out of one’s mind that just because you started off by being in love, you will forever be in love because marriage changes a person. It is required mostly; change means that you are alive and moving. Anything that remains the same, which is unchanging is considered to be dead. Similarly, marriage is always in flux; it is forever changing, and the relationship continues to grow.

Just like nature, the four seasons in marriage are:

  1. Summer: the season of love
  2. Spring: the season of blossom and growth
  3. Autumn: the season of doubts and misery
  4. Winter: the season of separation and trials


This is where typically every relationship starts with couples walking and talking with each other with lovey-dovey eyes, enamored by the other’s presence, and talking about grabbing the moon and stars for their significant others.

It is not to say that this season only lasts up to the honeymoon period, no. There are bouts of its presence. It springs up here and there, and just like any other part of life, there are good days and bad days.


Spring is the season of a blossoming relationship and growth. This remains with the couple throughout their life. Couples discover each other, love each other, help each other grow and discover themselves. This remains a part of them; growth of all the good and bad and discovery of all the good and bad.

With this evolution and unearthing each other, couples fall in love with each other all over again. The growth is forever present, keeping the relationship in flux and ever-changing.


This period in a relationship is a looming one. This is where the doubts and the lies come into the light. Couples who have been together for long or the ones who are in the honeymoon phase, this can be dangerous territory.

Either you are too used to the other that you are willing to take the other for granted or you are way too new to really think about the other and demand anything, autumn can be dangerous for couples.


The winter in a relationship symbolizes its downfall. When the doubts and the insecurities get the best of the couple, there is nothing left to fight for. Such times are very sensitive, and steps should be taken extremely tentatively; any sort of haste may have devastating results.

In a nutshell

No one has the perfect marriage; the goal is to be at a better place than you are now. Nothing is easy, and nothing can be achieved without working hard. Relationships, just like your career, take hard work, patience, and time.