How to Plan an Awesome Treehouse Wedding

There is something intrinsically attractive and charming about a forest… tall trees, lush undergrowth, a river trickling by, birds singing… No wonder someone thought of building a treehouse so they could enjoy the beauty of nature twenty-four seven. Then one thing led to another, and the question arose: “Why not get married in a treehouse?”

If you and your fiancé love trees and being close to nature, perhaps you might consider planning a treehouse wedding. That is what Neil and Dalia did in Northumberland when they got married at the beautiful Alnwick Gardens. The scenery was spectacular and made for some stunning wedding photos with the towering trees in the background, quaint swing bridges to pose on, and an altogether romantically rustic setting.

There’s a lot we can learn from Neil and Delia about making the treehouse wedding day as unique and memorable as you deserve and dream about. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to plan your tree house wedding:

The venue and the menu

Choosing the venue for your special day is probably the first and most significant step, and you would need to research and identify your particular treehouse of choice. Besides the lovely Alnwick Gardens in Northumberland, there is another famous and fabulous one in Washington State called Treehouse Point. Depending on how many guests you would like to invite, most venues would offer different packages which would include the catering. You can usually choose from a menu of seasonal dishes, giving your guests several choices or one set menu. Be prepared for the venue and the menu to take up the main part of your budget, but once you have these two in place you can go forward with the rest of the planning.

The invitations and decorations

This is where you can really get creative and have fun around your tree house theme. Making your own invitations and decorations, although time consuming, can be so much fun and very rewarding if you are that way inclined. Using your chosen colour scheme, you can add personal touches to the table settings, decor and wedding favours. Give yourself time to hunt down bargains at garage sales and flea markets and you may be surprised at the stunning effect you can create with a little effort and ingenuity. Some of Neil and Delia’s gorgeous decor included wooden crates displaying some of their favourite items and framed photos. Each table was given the name of a tree and the seating plan was propped on an artist’s easel.

The wedding outfits

All eyes are going to be on the bride, the groom and the bridal party, so choosing the outfits is the next important step in planning your treehouse wedding. Your colour scheme can be used to advantage here as you blend in the bridesmaids dresses with the groomsmen’s’ attire. Remember, this is your day and you can choose whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever will make your day memorable and uniquely personal to you as a couple.

The flowers and cake

The bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets, as well as flowers on the tables, can bring a lovely atmosphere and touch of colour to enhance your theme. You may choose to do the flowers yourself or order from a professional. When it comes to the cake, there are so many charming options and you can really have fun with this. Neil and Dalia’s chose the cupcake option with one larger fruit cake with handmade bride and groom cake toppers. The stunning wooden cake stand was made by Neil’s Dad, using some of the wood from the family apple tree which added a lovely touch to the rustic treehouse theme.

The entertainment

Choosing the music for your special day can make all the difference to the atmosphere. This is where your personal tastes and that of your friends and family comes into play. If you have musically talented friends and family, they may be happy to provide live entertainment, or you may hire a band or soloist. What better than being serenaded while you and your beloved stroll along the leafy paths and wooden walkways of the treehouse on your wonderful wedding day.

The photographs

The photos of your special day are going to bring you hours and hours or pleasure as you pore over them in the months and years to come. To be honest, the actual wedding day usually goes by so quickly like a dream, and it is only afterwards when you look at all the photos that you can really appreciate each special moment. So choose your photographer carefully. Have a look at some of their previous work and make sure that you like their particular style. If possible, it is good to go over the venue beforehand with your photographer and identify the special spots and poses you would like to be included in the marvellous memories of your unforgettable treehouse wedding.