7 Thoughtful and Pocket Friendly Wedding Gifts Ideas

Buying wedding gifts is a lot of fun – but sometimes it can be hard to find wedding present ideas that don’t cost too much, but are still meaningful. After all, you want the couple in your life to feel loved and cherished, and to give a gift that means something to them. On the other hand, so many of us are on a budget these days that spending lots of money on a wedding gift isn’t always feasible.

Here are some lovely wedding present ideas that your friends, and your wallet, will love.

1. A Special Picture

You can buy some beautiful photo frames at reasonable prices online, or in your local shops. Why not choose one, and then frame a picture that means something to the happy couple? For example, their first date, their engagement party, or the first holiday they went on together.

Choose a frame that you know they will love, or that matches the theme of their wedding. For example, if you know their wedding will be all glitz and glam with vibrant colours, pick a colourful frame with a few gems or a touch of glitter. If they favour romantic elegance, choose something with floral accents.

If you can stretch the budget a little bit, you can get a personalized frame without spending too much money.

2. A romantic meal in

After the rush and fuss of putting together a wedding, and then going on a honeymoon, what would be more relaxing than a quiet night in?

Put together a hamper of everything your friends will need for a quiet, romantic meal at home together. For example, some good quality dry pasta, Italian cheese, a jar of pasta sauce that pairs well with it. Don’t forget to add a little something for dessert, and a scented candle or two for a romantic atmosphere.

3. Offer to stock their fridge or pantry

In keeping with the culinary theme, why not offer to stock their fridge or pantry? After all, no one wants to come home to an empty fridge after their honeymoon so why not take care of that problem for them?

If you know the couple well enough to exchange house keys, you can print them a gift certificate for a stocked fridge, and then pop in and fill it with inexpensive but delicious delights when they are away. If you’re not quite that close, give them a gift certificate to a local store, that they can use before they leave, or whenever they like.

4. Personalized travel items

If the happy couple is about to head off on their honeymoon, why not gift them some personalized travel items?

You can purchase “Mr & Mrs” passport holders or luggage tags inexpensively, yet they’re a unique gift that they won’t forget. For an added touch of romance, frame a map of their destination as a lovely keepsake.

As well as loving the romantic touch for their honeymoon, your friends will be able to use their new travel items on all their future trips, too.

5. A plant or tree

There’s something very sweet about giving a newlywed couple something they can grow and take care of together – and it’s cost effective too.

If your friends are avid gardeners, you could get them a pretty flowering plant or rosebush for their garden. You might even consider a fruit tree – it will keep growing for years to come and they’ll be able to enjoy homegrown fruit.

For happy couples that are a little more indoorsy, treat them to an easy to care for an indoor plant, or even a cute cactus or miniature fruit tree such as a kumquat that can be grown in a porch.

6. An experience

The chances are your friends will be receiving lots of physical gifts, so why not give them the gift of an experience?

There are many experiences you can choose from. Why not buy them a night class in something they want to learn, or an experience day such as zoo keeping, tasting, glass blowing, or anything else you think they would like.

Alternatively, you can give the gift of tickets to something you know they will both enjoy such as a festival, concert or play, or perhaps a river cruise or sightseeing tour in their local city.

Present the tickets or gift certificate in a pretty card for a memorable gift that can be adapted to suit most buyers’ budgets.

6. A framed wedding invitation

For a sweet, deeply meaningful gift that is very reasonably priced, why not frame the wedding invitation you received?

Choose a pretty, inexpensive frame and add your invite. If you want to, you can choose a slightly bigger frame so you can display your invite on a contrasting mat or some luxury patterned paper or card.

Alternatives to the wedding invitation include a map of their wedding venue or even something quirky like their names spelt out in scrabble tiles.

Your friends will love the constant reminder of their special day and it is sure to take pride of place in their home!