5 Fun Gold Coast Activities To Get Your Heart Racing

The Gold Coast is certainly the adventure sport capital of Australia – there is a plethora of Gold Coast activities purely designed to get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping! Many of these activities could potentially leave you a little weak at the knees, but with a huge grin on your face that says “Lets Do That Again!”

1. Jet Boat Gold Coast – a Gold Coast tour like no other!

Getting wet is guaranteed as you pull some serious g-force and go from 60 to zero in 2 seconds. And yes, that is the right way round. Get ready for fun and a drenching with some epic power-stops.

The Gold Coast is the home of water adventure sports and you can’t visit without experiencing a Jet Boat tour! Paradise Jet Boating offers a heart racing sightseeing trip that is one of the most unique ways to explore the Gold Coast Broadwater and Moreton Bay Marine Park.

You’ll experience stunning Gold Coast scenery as it whizzes by & also find yourself in full 360° spins, high speed drifting and more – it is serious fun and don’t worry it’s completely safe! The jet boats are specially made to perform these stunts – and the drivers, while seeming funny and relaxed, sure know what they are doing behind the wheel of one of these V8 Monsters!

The Gold Coast is also known for it’s luxury homes and we found it really fascinating when the driver took a break from all the spinning and high speeds, to take a relaxed tour around the area known as Sovereign Island.

The Sovereign Islands is a prestigious gated community across 6 man-made islands and is home to some of the most luxurious home in Queensland – and many of them are only holiday homes! You are looking at ten’s of millions of dollars here!

2. Gold Coast Indoor Skydive

Not quite game enough to throw yourself out of a perfectly working aeroplane? Why not try something a little closer to the ground – but still super exciting. Indoor Skydiving.

iFly Gold Coast is a fairly recent addition to the list of Gold Coast activities but the craze is certainly catching on fast. These sorts of indoor skydiving facilities, allow you to enjoy the sensation of human flight within a safe environment.

  • Afraid of heights? No worries.
  • Not certain that you want to pay a whole bunch of money to go skydiving and then hate it?

Give the indoor iFly a go and see what you think. Indoor Skydive is a popular activity with tourists, skydiving enthusiasts and military throughout the world. We first saw it in Empuria Brava Spain – but that was after we had just jumped out of an aeroplane for real!

3. Hummer Safari

Explore the beauty of the Gold Coast Hinterland in this off road adventure. Always wanted to ride in a Hummer? Well here’s you chance. It’ll be the only time during your vacation that you hope for rain – as the more muddy the tracks get the more the adrenaline starts pumping!

4. Gold Coast Whale Watching

Ok so this might seem a little bit tame in comparison to the other Gold Coast activities we’ve mentioned. But what could be more exhilarating than seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat – the ocean!

The Gold Coast whale watching season is generally from May to November each year, but the best time to book a tour is from June onwards. Of course there isn’t a 100% guarantee that you will spot these majestic creatures, but that’s part of the thrill right?

Mostly off the cost of Australia you’ll spot humpback whales which can grow up to 16 metres long and weigh up to 50 tonnes!!! It’s amazing how they can even launch themselves out of the water – but these stars of the ocean love to put on a good show. You just have to be in the right place at the right time!

5. Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Ride

There’s nothing that quite describes the sensation of riding in a hot air balloon. Floating effortlessly through the sky, but being very aware of the incredible ingenuity of these flying devices. The real fun comes when it comes time to land. But I don’t want to spoil all the fun – you’ll have to find out for yourself!