12 Reasons Why Do We Give Red Roses to the People We Love

For a number of years, flowers have been used to symbolize a number of things, they symbolize romance, marriage, love and also fertility.  Flowers have basically been used to send hidden and secretive messages. The meaning of each flower is mostly derived from a myth or a legend.

Red roses, for example, have been known to symbolize love and romance, they mostly demonstrate passion.   There are various reasons as to why most people usually give red roses as love and why they consider roses to be very special.  These reasons include;

1. The strong symbolism attached

Red roses have had a very strong symbolism attached over the centuries.  They mainly represent issues to do with love, romance, and beauty and in some instances, they have been used as a representation of politics.

This strong symbolism that roses have goes back to the nineteenth century where most people adopted a system known as floriography which is defined as using a floral bouquet to deliver a certain message to someone.

The other rose colors such as pink, yellow and white also have their own representations.  For example, the pink rose symbolizes grace and thankfulness or rather an appreciation, the yellow rose signifies friendship and happiness while the white rose stands for innocence.  This, therefore, means that a red rose is an ideal tool of expressing your love to someone.

2. Vibrant red color

The color red has always been considered as a representation of love.  It is also observed that giving and receiving flowers most people opt to put on red clothes since red symbolizes passion and romance.

This, therefore, means that there is no better way of expressing love than giving your better half a bouquet of red roses.

3. The quality and class associated with red roses

Roses are definitely not the type of flowers that you can just pick while walking down the street, these flowers have a very high significant value and the quality of red roses cannot be compared to a bouquet of daisies for example.

This high quality and high significant value should make one consider giving red roses as compared to giving other types of flowers.

4. They are the sturdiest flowers

Red roses are very strong and robust as compared to other types of flowers.  They are very durable hence can be preserved for a longer time compared to other flowers.  Other flowers such as tulips and sunflowers tend to wilt easily thus have a shorter lifespan.

5. They represent a strong desire

In addition to red roses signifying deep love and romance, they are also known to express strong desire.  The red rose is known to express strong desire and attraction towards someone.

The color red itself is a color that represents raging desire and passion, therefore giving someone a red rose can help them see the strong desire and affection you have towards them. This facet of a red rose flower makes it an ideal gift.

6. Red roses also symbolize courage

In addition to love, compassion, beauty, romance, and desire, the red rose flower is also used to symbolize courage.

This is well shown in the War of the Roses which is a series of civil wars between two royal families for the throne of England, where the red rose also symbolized power and courage. Aside from expressing deep love, giving roses to someone can be seen as an act of power and courage.

7. Red roses represent domestic bliss

When it comes to married couples, the red rose holds a different meaning as compared to unmarried couples.  In marriage, the red rose represents happiness within the marriage.

This means that when one receives a red rose from their spouse it acts as a symbol of strengthened love within the marriage thus giving a bouquet of red rose flowers can play a major significance to your marriage.

8. They express emotions

Red rose flowers are a very significant gift when it comes to expressing emotions.  For new, young or youthful relationships a bouquet of red roses may signify the start of a new adventure or the start of a romantic journey.

9. Red roses symbolize romantic love

Red roses are known to act as a symbol of deep romantic love.  The color red is considered to be a high energy color that is capable of compelling one to compassion.

10. They are the most beautiful flowers in the world

Red roses are known to be the most beautiful flowers in the world. They have amazing petals and a very sweet scent.  They are the most loved flowers by most people. Therefore giving red roses can have a very huge impact on someone since a bouquet of flowers is quite appealing.

11. Red roses represent devotion

Red roses symbolize devotion towards your partner. They express the feeling that you are fully devoted to your partner and are committed to the relationship, therefore, this act of giving roses can help to enrich your relationship.

Therefore giving red roses can be a plus for your relationship hence it is advisable to give red roses.

12. Red roses are a sign of respect

Red roses serve as a sign of respect towards your partner, giving them a bouquet of rose shows that you respect them from the bottom of your heart and you value them as your partner.